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removable double crown hygienic prosthetics

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Brand: removable double crown hygienic prosthetics
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New Taiwan KonusⓇ removable double crown hygienic prosthetics : withstand bite pressure, prevent food stuck between teeth, avoid tooth extraction and dental implant.

1. Spring clip removable double crown & bridge could be removed for thorough cleaning of the cervical region of teeth to effectively control and cure periodontal disease.
2. Having Rest Arms on both ends of New Taiwan KonusⓇ lying on adjacent teeth relieves stress from the compromised tooth. Thus, it avoids the traditional method which reduces adjacent teeth to create abutment teeth, eventually totally destroying abutment teeth.
3. Prosthetics with Rest Arm shares and relieves biting pressure on the compromised tooth, therefore preventing the breaking of abutment teeth and leakage due to loosening of the crown.
4. With bifurcation or trifurcation involvement, section root into two or three individual roots which eliminate a stenching deep pocket. This allows dentists and patients to clean the tunnels created by sectioning thoroughly which completely restores the last stage of periodontal disease without world recognized general procedure - tooth extraction.
The benefit to humankind is tremendous, as no extraction, implant, or large reduction of the adjacent tooth is needed. Relying only on sturdy adjacent tooth and Rest Arm pieces, what used to be an unsaveable tooth is now restored completely for prolong use.
5. With easily removable prosthetics, caretakers and dentists can effectively perform oral hygiene and dental work for bedridden elderly and wheelchair bound patients.
(Food is limited to medium hardness such as chicken, peanuts, celery, grilled duck skin, etc)
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