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About Us

Brief introduction

 World Trade Development Association of ROC elites from businesses and industries to promote the global export market.
Following the new trend of global economic liberalization, we aim at obtaining more top-level investment and helping
companies expand foreign trade, in order to enhance industrial competitiveness, attract more export orders, which has
received the support and affirmation from businesses and industries.


1. To promote overseas and cross-strait economic and trade exchange, cooperation and development.

2. To organize economic and trade missions  to promote exchange and cooperation.  

3. To promote the strategy and layout of globalization so as to improve the development and prosperity of related 

4. To coordinate with the government’s economic policy, to endeavor to help companies expand export markets globally,
    and enhance the overall competitiveness of R.O. C.

5. To invite overseas well-known industries to hold seminars or various kinds of exchange activities or projects to strive 
    for the winning the government investment and resources.

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